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All tea blends are $6.00 an ounce. Choose from Beyond Sleepytime, Yin Chai or Cold Care.

Beyond Sleepytime

A very pleasant, but not casual sipping tea that will ease an anxious mind and tired body to sleep faster than you can count 100 sheep.

Ingredients: A blended mixture of foraged nettles and cultivated lemon balm, catnip, passionflower leaf and skullcap

Yin Chai

Earthy grounding while stimulating the immune system to heal itself.

ingredients: foraged chaga mushroom, dandelion, burdock and carefully sourced black pepper, ginger and cinnamon

Cold Care

Drink to warm and soothe the body to help loosen the grips of a cold. Pair with Chaga, Osha or Propolis tincture for a powerful squeeze play.

ingredients: foraged nettles and carefully sourced ginger and licorice


$6 per ounce