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Tincture Blends

Liver Lover

The best support for the organ that bottomlines your body’s ability to process the stress of poor food choices, alcohol, caffeine, stress and environmental pollution are these lowly, ever present weeds. Who knew it was so simple as directly connecting?

ingredients: Wild crafted burdock, dandelion and yellow dock.
Herbal Nidra

Nidra means ‘sleep’ in Sanskrit. This tincture will ease strong anxiety and provide a nice blanket of white noise to help you sleep. Wake up and feel rested and soft instead of groggy. Yes.

ingredients: garden cultivated passionflower and skullcap plus wild mugwort leaf and mugwort flower essence.
Lady Soothe

A strong bitter relaxant for muscle cramping and tension with the combined hormone harmonizing vitex and yam … this formula is both for PMS and during your moon cycle.

ingredients: motherwort from wild land in the driftless region, chasteberry from my garden and wild yam.


Wild gobo root is sweet, moistening and deeply nourishing bringing our anxious energy back to the ground and into our sacrum.

ingredients: burdock root harvested in the autumn from 1st year plants dug from the wild edges of my land, Pachamanka.

Tincture Blends

Mother Courage

These times call for us to muster a gentle and persistant courage.

ingredients: the delicious and ever so happy-making schizandra from my pals in Oregon, mystic beast communicator mugwort foraged from a gravelly hillside and borage flower from my garden.

The Green Yeti

We need to stay grounded as we work a more impossible vision.

ingredients: foraged mugwort and nettle leaf, hand-gathered flower essences of the same

Energetic Tincture Bends