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Tincture Simples

Turkey Tail

This mushroom is an immunity builder extraordinaire and downplays negative effects of chemotherapy and other strong pharmaceuticals. These turkey tail mushrooms were harvested from my fruit orchard where, incidentally, a rafter of 60 wild turkeys passes through every day to the oak woodlands.

ingredients: turkey tail mushrooms which were triple extracted ensuring all soluble compounds are in the formula. Also, rainwater and my kid brother’s moonshine.


Maitakes are found at bases of oak trees hidden hens in a pile of autumn leaves. Their large feathery beings aide with blood sugar regulation, lowering cholesterol, building immunity and slowing tumor growth.

ingredients: triple extraction of foraged maitake mushroom


Stimulates immune system and helpful with mood elevation. Used in treatments for cancer and HIV, psoriasis and gastritis. Found high in birch trees, this chaga was gathered in the boundary waters near Canada.

ingredients: triple extraction of foraged chaga mushroom


Bees know best! They protect their hives from contamination with this substance they make themselves. Anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Great for infections of the respiratory tract, common colds, periodontitis and gingivitis.

ingredients: propolis from my Pachamanka honeybees


This root is a seriously deep worker and need not to be taken for general immunity. Used when the cold has reached the depths of your body.

ingredients: osha root, carefully sourced


$10 per .5 oz - $12 per 1 oz

Tincture Simples