for the common good


TGR cosmologySMALL

City Gallery Chicago Il November 2014 – March 2015
materials: text, image, living mushroom spawn

The Ground Rules Manifesto
towards a new cosmology of community, economy, and consciousness

an excerpt: ‘Like Marx’s proletariat, Soil, along with its partners Air and Water, is the foundation upon which modern industrial society is built and upon which it is utterly dependent. Soil is our dumping ground and our redemption. Ignored, contaminated, compressed, and dormant, the dirt that waits patiently in vacant lots — and that underlies our urban sidewalks, roads, and buildings — contains the potential not only for its own miraculous biological renewal, but for the regeneration of many of our depleted social, economic, and material structures.

Practices of the New Cosmology

The Ground Rules sees a “new cosmology” of natural resource processes that acknowledges humans as living members of the natural world from birth through death and beyond. Operating within this cosmology involves the recognition of several dimensions: the development of new relationships, the creation of alternative economies, and an opening of consciousness.’