greenhouses of hope (ongoing, 2005)

of the Pacific Garden Mission

The greenhouses grow soil, food and people! Each greenhouse is 2,500’sq. The Greenhouses opened Oct. 15, 2007. Two to four program individuals work in the greenhouses. They are trained in seed and plant propagation, insect management, vermicomposting, pruning and basic horticultural skills.

We grow soil through VERMICOMPOSTING which means ‘composting with worms’.

There are currently approximately 500,000 – Eisenia fetida (Red Wrigglers) worms in 30 boxes. (We started with 100,000 worms.)

They live in bedding made up from shredded newspapers gathered from the over night guests and mixed with used coffee grounds.

The cafeteria on average turns out 500lbs of food a week. We match the cafeteria waste with what the worms can eat (approx. 300-500 lbs/week). The worm castings are used to grow ornamental plants for the building and vegetables that are used in the cafeteria.

The Greenhouses of Hope closes the loop!: Food – Waste – Soil – Food.