living kitchen (ongoing, 2006)

localizing the palate in the landscape

Are you looking for a different taste? Do you like to cook with others? Are you wondering what to do with your cabbage/apples/dandelions? Are you curious about foraging for wild plants?

Living kitchen is a series of informal cooking workshops that hopes to reorganize our connection to land, ourselves and our communities through the processing and sharing of local and regional foods. In these workshops we use foods that are locally cultivated, as well as foraged in order to foster exploration of our environs and with our relationship with what’s growing around us.

Living Kitchen is about direct experience with what’s living and growing around us, new tastes, simple food-making processes, and sharing with others.

**I am available for private Urbanforages and Living Kitchen classes in the area of your choosing. One month advance booking is necessary.

Urbanforages base rate is $225 for up to ten people + travel. $20/person for every additional person over 10.

Living Kitchen classes run $70-100/person per class depending on the class. All classes include tastings and samples to take home. Class minimum 5 participants.

Contact me with inquiries: Nance at**

learn about the plants that share this city with us in these informal wanderings within the confines of the city

3 way pickling
kimchi and pickles with salt brine, whey and homemade vinegar we will pickle using vinegar and lact-fermentation. bring three jars empty and go home with three jars full of foraged and cultured deliciousness!

wild sourdough
wild starters and bread making basics learn different methods of attracting wild yeast and walk home with a loaf of bread and a few different starters!

raw cheese one
cultured butter, buttermilk, crème fraiche, yogurt we are using local raw milk. you will be taking home some of everything we make.

raw cheese two
cottage cheese, queso fresco, mozzarella we are using local raw milk only. and yes, again, you will be taking home some of everything we make.

local medicine
herbal tinctures/salves/syrups/lozenges and teas the equinox is the perfect time to forage and collect plants for medicinal use through the year. Go home with some of everything we make.

cold care herbalism
long infusions, cold syrups, herbal lozenges and pastilles get ready for the long winter dry cold haul with simple stove and herb magic.

solar ovens/solar cooking
learn how to make a solar box oven and folding solar panel oven with simple ‘waste’ materials and take them home with you.

(un)traditionally soy
tofu, tempeh, miso learn about the controversial and ubiquitous bean – soya by making tofu, tempeh and miso.

wild mead & herbal/fruit wine
slow & fast fermenting of local fruit and honey learn and go home with enough juice for two bottles for home consumption on a long winter’s night.