pedagogical island

collaboration with LearningGroup at LearningSite Copenhagen, DK 2006 – on-going

Pedagogical Island is built of plastic and aluminum parts from a shelving system. Flotation is achieved from unused materials like sealed plastic bottles collected from laundrymats and car washes. The island consists of 4 triangles. The one in the middle is open to the water, aquatic plants, shellfish and fish. Containers for the cultivation of algae can be added.

The three remaining triangles contain collected soil and compost. The first layer is a wooden plate with holes for drainage. The next layer is geotextile and the final layer is coir or coconut fiber. Above this is a layer of clay balls and then a layer of locally produced compost mixed with soil. Earthworms are added for the soil nutrient rich castings they produce as well as to help the process of decomposition.