rambling range

rambling range - Nance Klehm

rambling range - Nance Klehm

the labor of many hands and hearts

rambling range was a migrating taco stand comprising of a bicycle, a solar oven, a rocket stove, the labor of many hands and hearts, the sun and a pair of legs.

each day, as the sun and sky permits, veggie tacos made with homemade tortillas and freshly foraged, donated and bartered ingredients were served free with a smile… in exchange for tales of land, migrations, homescapes, dinner tables and persisting eros.

garden allotments, backyards and the margins of copenhagen were explored, negotiated and gathered from. tacos were served when ready wherever ready.

Click for sound files with conversations from the mobile taco stand (mp3 format):
two foreign lovers find demark as their home
a trail to fresh bread
the search for potatoes
the quadra-cultured-lingualed kid
repeated migration to russia – an interview
stranger to friend to stranger still
last dime on tacos for a bustrip
bedouin shopping trip
claudia outloud
walt whitman soul migration
how to sit in italy