roof meadow (ongoing, 2007)

roof meadow - Nance Klehm green roof

Roof Meadow is a low-cost, handbuilt, non-regulation, yet city-permitted ‘live roof’. Roof Meadow extends insect and human habitat to the roof via plants, a greenhouse and an outdoor sleeping structure. Roof Meadow is approximately 1000’ and was built for a material and paid help cost of under $1500.



Rubber mats bought at a low cost from a closed dairy farm form the pathways.

Large aluminum photo processing trays found at junkyard from commercial photo house serve as small fields of chamomile, anise hyssop and native prickly pear. Several aluminum kitchen sinks are also used.

Scavenged food grade buckets form SIPS (sub irrigated planters) for low water growing of annual edibles such as tomatoes, eggplants, melons, squash and cucumbers.

Scavenged 55 gallon food grade plastic drums used for dwarf fruit trees and the catchment/storage of water.

Plant pillows, hand-sewn from UV resistant agricultural fabrics support a diversity of perennial Midwestern native plants, medicinals, edibles with pollinators and medicine production as primary foci.