The Ground Rules

THE GROUND RULES a project of Social Ecologies

How we are being in a city is just as much biologically determined as it is socio-culturally determined. In this project, action is research and public participation is a tool to build broader audience discussion that can contribute to enacting new policy.

THE GROUND RULES hopes to engage a broad public with the idea that action is research as well as a tool for change.

THE GROUND RULES description:

Social Ecologies’ active process for this project includes the identification and negotiation of organic wastes generated by local businesses, the dedicated performance of collection of these wastes by bicycle, the establishment of a community Soil Center, the dialogue generated by the town hall meetings (as well as the informal-on-the-spot and word-of-mouth conversations) and the publication ‘The Ground Rules’ housing the residuals of interviews and visual documentation, project description and philosophical essays.

By trialing these community-based, soil making research models in different cities, Social Ecologies hopes to reinvigorate the dialogue of the Urbanscape as habitat, healthy soil as an element of healthy infrastructure and ourselves as contributors and instigators towards more inspired action. By involving many over a commitment of two years’ time, the project posits an alternative use for organic waste on a larger scale, inspires other decentralized efforts as well as uses this ‘on-the-ground’ model to approach policy makers about local soil issues.


  • Highly visible, community Soil Center
  • Public soil making workshops conducted in both Spanish and English
  • Town Hall Meeting on Local Soil
  • Publication of bilingual book and CD ‘The Ground Rules’