The Soil Keepers

The Soil Keepers: Interviews With Practitioners on the Ground Beneath Our Feet
A new book by Nance Klehm (Terra Fluxus Publishing)

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“Nance Klehm has written a beautiful, moving, and profound series of meditations, practical advice, interviews, poetry . . . all part of her brilliantly intelligent invitation to care for the earth in the most basic and complex of ways. Read this book — it will change your life.” — Timothy Morton, author of Being Ecological

Nance Klehm has grounded her life in the practice of digging in the dirt. As the director of Social Ecologies (, she works on soil restoration and remediation, long-term landscape planning, and community-focused regenerative soils and water systems in Chicago and around the world. An internationally respected consultant, speaker, and teacher, she has contributed to the ongoing body of knowledge about soils and how to rebuild microbial, mycological, and mineral communities through her publication The Ground Rules, her radio show “Spontaneous Vegetation,” on Chicago’s WLPN, and myriad writings and artworks of her own.

Her work demonstrates her lifelong commitment to redefining the way human populations coexist with plant and animal systems on this planet. Now, with the publication of The Soil Keepers, she is sharing that commitment with you. A collection of 42 interviews with international practitioners whose work connects them to the earth — geologists, farmers, artisans, engineers, biologists, waste managers, activists, and many many others — The Soil Keepers is the culmination of years of getting down and dirty thinking about soil. Klehm’s five essays and introduction frame the collection, offering up both the poetry and materiality of the ground beneath our feet for consideration.

Early praise for The Soil Keepers has called it “a brilliant exploration of the complex substance that keeps us alive and a vital testimony of how human beings have both exploited soil as a ‘resource’ and are now working to understand and restore it in times of increasing degradation and ecological collapse”* and “a tour de force about the earth’s most endangered system.” **

Klehm and Terra Fluxus celebrate the release of The Soil Keepers on June 20 in Chicago, at The Treehouse at Studio Gang. A book tour and workshops to follow in Durham, NC; Cleveland; Pittsburgh; upstate New York; Austin, TX; and Los Angeles. For more information see

Nance Klehm is available for interviews, and for workshops and other speaking engagements. Please contact or 815-908-1868.

The Soil Keepers — 376 pages, with original black and white illustrations by Gwyneth Anderson — is available for $25 at,, or by arrangement with the author.

*Charlotte Du Cann, writer and editor with The Dark Mountain Project and author of 52 Flowers That Shook My World—A Radical Return to Earth

**Beth Stephens, chair of the art department, University of California, Santa Cruz and founding director of the E.A.R.T.H. Lab, UCSC