urbanforage (ongoing, 2006)

Nance Klehm - Urban Forage - Dogs

learn about the plants that share this city with usUrbanforages are two hour informally guided walks through
the spontaneous and cultivated vegetation of the urbanscape. Along the walk, we learn to identify plants, hear their botanical histories and stories of their use by cultural use by animals and humans and share antidotes of specific experiences with these plants.All Urbanforages start with an herbal beverage and end with a simple herbal food shared over discussion of the experiences and questions generated by the walk.

I have led Urbanforages since 2006 in Chicago and the suburbs including the cities of: Los Angeles, Montreal, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, New York, Mexico City, Warsaw, Berlin, Baltimore, Port Townsedn, Portland, Detroit and Pasadena.

**I am available for private Urbanforages and Living Kitchen classes in the area of your choosing. One month advance booking is necessary.

– $300 minimum (up to ten people)
– $30/person after that

Living Kitchen classes run $70-100/person per class depending on the class. all classes include tastings and samples to take home. class minimum 5 participants.

Contact me with inquiries: Nance at nettlesting@yahoo.com**

Hot and cold infusions, roasted root coffees, herbal energetics, drying and
storing herbs

Vinegar, wine, elixirs

Pickles, pates, dips, spreads and sprinkles

Medicinal tinctures, glycerites and flower essences