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Herbal Consultations by Weedeater

~plants and mushrooms are wild helpers of your vitality~

Plants and mushrooms are wild helpers of your vitality. This herbal consultation will help you build a stronger relationship with these plants so you can support your body’s health, your mental ease and your soul’s journey.

Herbal consultations last 1 hour. An intake form must be completed and sent in before scheduled appointment. A comprehensive set of plant medicine recommendations, movement and ritual will be sent to you via e-mail the following day.

$75-$125 sliding scale

Who is Weedeater?
Nance has trained for 25 years in Western and Native American Herbalism, is a Wilderness First Responder as well as Reiki Master. She forages and cultivates plants and mushrooms for her own Weedeater herbal apothecary in her home in the Great Lakes region.


All tinctures are made from cultivated and wild crafted plant medicines by myself or dear friends. They are softened by clean rainwater and potentized by my kid brother’s moonshine. Available for purchase in our shop.


Liver Lover

The best support for the organ that bottomlines your body’s ability to process the stress of poor food choices, alcohol, caffeine, stress and environmental pollution are these lowly, ever present weeds. Who knew it was so simple as directly connecting?

ingredients: Wild crafted burdock, dandelion and yellow dock.

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Herbal Nidra

Nidra means ‘sleep’ in Sanskrit. This tincture will ease strong anxiety and provide a nice blanket of white noise to help you sleep. Wake up and feel rested and soft instead of groggy. Yes.

ingredients: garden cultivated passionflower and skullcap plus wild mugwort leaf and mugwort flower essence.

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Lady Soothe

A strong bitter relaxant for muscle cramping and tension with the combined hormone harmonizing vitex and yam … this formula is both for PMS and during your moon cycle.

ingredients: motherwort from wild land in the driftless region, chasteberry from my garden and wild yam.

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Wild gobo root is sweet, moistening and deeply nourishing bringing our anxious energy back to the ground and into our sacrum.

ingredients: burdock root harvested in the autumn from 1st year plants dug from the wild edges of my land, Pachamanka.

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Turkey Tail

This mushroom is an immunity builder extraordinaire and downplays negative effects of chemotherapy and other strong pharmaceuticals. These turkey tail mushrooms were harvested from my fruit orchard where, incidentally, a rafter of 60 wild turkeys passes through every day to the oak woodlands.

ingredients: turkey tail mushrooms which were triple extracted ensuring all soluble compounds are in the formula. Also, rainwater and my kid brother’s moonshine.

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Maitakes are found at bases of oak trees hidden hens in a pile of autumn leaves. Their large feathery beings aide with blood sugar regulation, lowering cholesterol, building immunity and slowing tumor growth.

ingredients: triple extraction of foraged maitake mushroom

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Stimulates immune system and helpful with mood elevation. Used in treatments for cancer and HIV, psoriasis and gastritis. Found high in birch trees, this chaga was gathered in the boundary waters near Canada.

ingredients: triple extraction of foraged chaga mushroom

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Bees know best! They protect their hives from contamination with this substance they make themselves. Anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Great for infections of the respiratory tract, common colds, periodontitis and gingivitis.

ingredients: propolis from my Pachamanka honeybees

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This root is a seriously deep worker and need not to be taken for general immunity. Used when the cold has reached the depths of your body.

ingredients: osha root, carefully sourced

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Mother Courage

These times call for us to muster a gentle and persistant courage.

ingredients: the delicious and ever so happy-making schizandra from my pals in Oregon, mystic beast communicator mugwort foraged from a gravelly hillside and borage flower from my garden.

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The Green Yeti

We need to stay grounded as we work a more impossible vision.

ingredients: foraged mugwort and nettle leaf, hand-gathered flower essences of the same.

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Golden Honey Salve

A rich, non-oily salve when you skin needs a warm, protective layer.

ingredients: Honey and wax from Pachamanka honey bees, sheabutter from my favorite Ghanian vendor, calendula blossoms from my garden and foraged plantain.

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Beyond Sleepytime

A very pleasant, but not casual sipping tea that will ease an anxious mind and tired body to sleep faster than you can count 100 sheep.

Ingredients: A blended mixture of foraged nettles and cultivated lemon balm, catnip, passionflower leaf and skullcap

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Yin Chai

Earthy grounding while stimulating the immune system to heal itself.

ingredients: foraged chaga mushroom, dandelion, burdock and carefully sourced black pepper, ginger and cinnamon

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Cold Care

Drink to warm and soothe the body to help loosen the grips of a cold. Pair with Chaga, Osha or Propolis tincture for a powerful squeeze play.

ingredients: foraged nettles and carefully sourced ginger and licorice

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