What to Compost?

Not Accepted:

No meat of any kind.

No dairy — including cheese, butter, yogurt.

No cat or dog food.

No pizza.

No oil or fat.

No animal or human manure.

No dead animals.

No plastic.

No clothing.

No toilet paper, diapers, band-aids, or dental floss.

No cigarettes or tobacco.

No wax paper or tin foil.

No styrofoam.

No candles.

No dough.

No pet litter.

No potato chips or other salty snacks.

No candy.

No fermented foods — including pickles, vinegar, soy sauce.

No glue.


Raw fruits and vegetables — including peels, husks, shells, rinds.

Coffee grounds and filters.

Tea bags.

Egg shells.

Shredded paper — including office and newspaper.

Flowers and house plants.

Egg cartons.

Paper napkins, plates, and cups.